Mother and Child (Notebook) Reunion

Monday’s post on Monday? Revolutionary. Getting into the swing of things for this next phase. Summer used to be my least productive season, but the stories in my head are getting too insistent for that to be true this year, so that means I need to adapt.

New addition to my slate of offices – the Panera across the street from the hospital (aka people vet, for Skye’s readers.) Much nicer to go to just Panera and not the people vet. Robin Sparkles loves the wifi here, but is not as fond of the connection at the coffee house (they aren’t speaking.)  Thankfully, notebooks go everywhere and don’t care if there’s a connection or not.

The spiral bound notebook in the above picture is now officially filled, and I’ve moved over into its successor. “Mama” and “baby” are here:

Mama and baby #1

Mama and baby #1

And  new notebook on its own:

soooo pretty

soooo pretty

Normally, I’m very particular about making sure notebooks that go together, go together. Which means same size, same format, usually same maker, but with this one, it was the collaged vintage photo covers that made an immediate connection with me. Plus, I fell in love with the deconstructed spine of the smaller book, and the pages -need to get shots of those soon- are gorgeous and creamy and there’s blank space around the lines and I cannot stop petting the canvas cover. :sigh: I’m in love.

Fun fact: if I have both the 5×8 and 3×5 versions of the same notebook, A) they go together, and B) I refer to them as mama and baby.  Sometimes daddy and baby. Depends, and yes, sometimes, notebooks have gender.

Housemate was a huge love and brought home something I’ve been wanting forever – the 3×5 Tiffany blue hardcover Picadilly notebook.

My preciousssss

My preciousssss

The 5×8 book is already filled, and it took a while for me to figure out what its true use would be, but the 3×5 is going to take over for my computer tote notebook (currently a Jane Austen themed cahier) when it’s full.

mother and child reunion

mother and child reunion

Still need to hack the endpapers and pocket, but a look inside:

i1035 FW1.1


I get more excited than a sane person should when I see new additions to the Picadilly line at Barnes and Noble. I love the hardcover black 5×8, was thrilled to see the blue (they call it sky blue, but it looks Tiffany blue to me) and had been wanting to see pocket sized books for the longest time. Then, last week, boom, there they were. I didn’t buy one on the spot because A) I wanted to decide between black and blue (only the two so far, but hoping for more colors) and B) I like delayed gratification, so wanted to savor the wait a while longer. Then I couldn’t take it anymore, and the baby had to come home.

Next up on my wish list for these notebooks…umm, most of the colors? Mama and baby both, and I have yet to try the larger size, though I really should. Maybe then I can have daddy, mama and baby, but knowing me, they’d all have to coordinate.

What are your favorite workhorse type notebooks?

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