Typing With Wet Claws: Back to the People Vet Edition (With Notebook)

Hello, all. Skye here, for a later than usual Feline Friday. Uncle had to go back to the people vet again today. Anty says he went into the carrier on his own, so I think the carrier people may have taken my suggestion about throwing in some food to entice him. Anty says the people vets are taking very good care of Uncle, and he will come home when he is better.

Anty spent all day at the people vet with Uncle, keeping him company and making sure that the people vets had all the right information so they could figure out why Uncle did not feel well. She says they figured it out after they poked him with some needles and put him in a machine that takes pictures of his insides. I do not think I want to see that kind of camera. It sounds scary.

While Anty waited with Uncle, she wrote some in her new notebook, which she moved into earlier this week. Anty likes to make her all purpose notebooks look special. That makes her want to use them more. The notebook she moved into was very plain when she got it. It is a Picadilly, the same as the one she filled a few days ago, only that one was black, and this one is red.

Plain notebook, pre-hacking

Plain notebook, pre-hacking

endpapers make an impact

endpapers make an impact

Anty covered the inside cover of the notebook (it was very plain) with scrapbook paper, cut down to fit and rounded the corners. She likes to keep a consistent color theme, Note the small accent of aqua in the lower corner there.

inside back cover, with pocket

inside back cover, with pocket

Back inside cover gets the same treatment. There is a pocket beneath the paper with the heart on it. Normally, Anty will put a decorative postcard on the pocket, but with this design, she doesn’t need to do that, as she likes the paper the way it is. If you are wondering what is inside the pocket, it is business cards, stamps and a notecard and envelope. She will probably add other things as time goes on, but that is enough for now.

contact information and ink test pages

contact information and ink test pages

Although there is nothing written on these pages in this picture, these pages have decorative paper on parts of them so that she has a dedicated space for important phone numbers and email addreses at the front of the book. That is one side of this spread. The other side is where she can test different kinds of ink she might like to use in this book. Normally, she uses that as the last page in the book, but this time, she decided to try something different. So far, it is working out well.

Anty did a lot of freewriting while waiting with Uncle. It is not fiction, but it still counts. Sometimes, she will put notes for stories she is working on in this sort of book, if she does not have the dedicated book for said story with her, and transcribe it later, either into the proper book or a computer file. I do not think she will be transcribing what she wrote today. but she does have the day’s to do list that can carry over to another day. There are a lot of writing things on that list.

For now, she is going to get some rest and check in on Uncle in the morning. I had better keep her company while she gets that rest.

Until next week...

Until next week…

Until next week, I remain very truly yours,

Skye O’Malley Hart-Bowling
(the kitty, not the book)

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