Typing With Wet Claws: Traditional Christmas Zombie Edition

Skye here, for another Feline Friday.  It has been an eventful week around the house for everybody. The leftovers from Thanksgiving are all gone now, except for a little bit of gravy, so I still get that nice warm birdy smell every now and again. Anty is very happy to have over three hundred followers and says she is working on something to say thank you for that.

The big change around here is Anty planning Christmas decorations for another year. That usually means lights get strung in the doorways to the living room and Uncle’s office, and the tree goes up maybe a day after that. There is some talk this year of a second tree to go in the front window, but I have not seen them bring it in yet. One tree is still good, full of lights and shiny dangly things. I do not get near the tree, since it is up on a table and I do not jump or climb, so I watch it from the floor. 

Mama got Anty a lot of new batteries, so that Anty will not be without her camera over the holiday season. I mean a lot of batteries. Like this many. This means she can chase me around the house for a long time in order to get my picture for this blog. She says it is for holiday pictures, but I know what she really means. She wants kitty pictures.

lots of batteries mean lots of pictures

lots of batteries mean lots of pictures

We also have something the humans say counts as holiday decoration, but I think they  have the wrong holiday in mind. Since I am only a kitty, I have not had a lot of Christmases, and someone may have to help me out here, but is there such a thing as a Christmas zombie? Because we have this zombie hand that Anty says is going to hold a Christmas ornament and be the centerpiece on the dining room table. It looks like this:

Traditional Christmas zombie?

Traditional Christmas zombie?

I think all that time on the glowy box is making Anty loopy. She says she has her head down and her eyes on her own paper. She has big purple headphones on so she can listen to the playlist she made for her story, and that’s pretty much where her attention goes most of the day.  Sometimes, she looks at pictures she has on the computer that she says look like the people and places in her head.  I sit really really close to her chair so she knows I love her and I stare at her a lot. I hear kitty stares help writers make better stories. She says I do not have to sleep under her footrest, but I feel safe with that roof over my head, so she has to be very very careful when she gets up to feed me. Or get tea. But mostly feed me.

That is about it for this week. Lots of clicking of keys and scratching of pen on paper. I know that makes Anty happy, and there is always the chance that she will feed me when she gets up to make more tea.

Until next week, I remain,

Very truly yours,

Skye O’Malley Hart-Bowling
(the kitty, not the book.)


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