Throwback Thursday: Historical Romance Edition

Inspired by Zeee at Buried Under Romance, my historical romance offering for Throwback Thursday: Lovesong by Valerie Sherwood

The year was 1985. The place was Montpelier, Vermont. The book was Lovesong by Valerie Sherwood, and my friend, Karen, had chased me across campus to physically put the book in my hand. When I asked her why she’d gone to all that trouble when we lived in the same dorm and she could have waited for me to come down the hall, she replied she wanted to be the one to give it to me, as it was going to be my new favorite book.

She was right. After many years and many books, the story of Carolina Lightfoot, the Tidewater planter’s daughter who became the fabled Silver Wench of the seas, and the dashing privateer, Kells, aka Rye Evistock, still remains a strong favorite. There were two more books, Windsong and Nightsong, about Carolina and Kells, and through this book, I found one of my all time favorite authors in Valerie Sherwood, aka Jeanne Hines, aka Rosamund Royal, and fell head over heels in love with the seventeenth century as well as the illustrations of cover artist Elaine Duillo. 

So, Karen, wherever you are, thanks. It was worth the chase. Seriously. 

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